Encased Arduino VGA GlitchBox


As promised in a previous post, here is my encased Arduino VGA GlitchBox. The intensity of the visuals can now be controlled by a logarithmic 10k pot. The switches allow choosing a primary color (red, green or blue) or different color combinations (red + blue = pink as primary color). Therefore you have to connect the switches to digital pin 4 and to the „regular“ rgb output lines on Arduino´s digital pins 5, 6 and 7.



MidiVox: $26 Synthesizer Shield For Your Arduino

Via Narbotic Instruments:

MidiVox turns an Arduino board into a programmable MIDI synthesizer.

The assembled kit provides an isolated MIDI input jack along with a single-channel, 12-bit, digital audio output. Any MIDI keyboard with a DIN-5 output can be used to control the shield. Assignable knobs/faders on your controller will come in handy for modifying synth parameters as sou play.

Intended for use as an experimental digital synthesizer, the board can be easily modified for use as a MIDI->CV converter or a MIDI output device.

The kit incorporates an MCP4921 Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) chip, with an 6N138 optocoupler for industry-standard MIDI input.

Features include:

  • Indicator LEDs for power and MIDI data
  • 2-pole passive lowpass filter
  • Onboard volume trimmer w/ knob
  • Slide switch for allowing MIDI or Arduino programming data
  • Single channel 12-bit audio out
  • optocoupled MIDI input
  • a fine lookin’ PCB

[watch on youtube]


Arduino VGA Glitching

The video below shows the result of some experiments I did with an Arduino, an old VGA cable, some wires and a soldering iron. You can find out how it works at little-scale´s blog.

Next thing to do is putting everything into a solid case. So stay tuned...

[watch on youtube]